Meat has been air-dried for hundreds of years in Grisons. A practicality has become a delicacy.

More about the history of air-drying

Craftsmanship and tradition

Besides the unique climate conditions in Grisons, the experience of our staff is what makes Natura specialties so extraordinary. Dried-meat production remains a handicraft.

The entire ageing process or our Natura specialties takes a long time and requires a great deal of patience. Even more essential is the attention of the team, who must apply all their senses. That is because despite all the modern tools used to assist meat production today in many areas, the production of traditional specialties still demands top-notch craftsmanship at Natura Bündner Fleischtrocknerei: a piece of meat is handled up to 70 times in the production phase, shaped, checked and then hung back up in place.

In the course of the drying phase, the renowned Bündnerfleisch becomes covered with a fine white mould, which plays an important role in the ageing processing. Preventing oxidation in the meat defines the development of the characteristic taste of Bündner dried meats. The white mould layer is usually brushed off the end product, although it is harmless and can be eaten. It is considered to be an essential part of dried-meat specialties for many connoisseurs.