Back then, and still today, the production of dried meat takes time, patience and the skilled hands of our team.

More about the production of our Natura specialties

Air-drying in Grisons

A matter of survival in earlier days, a traditional meat specialty today: the air-drying of meat specialties in Grisons. Still today, regionally protected Bündnerfleisch specialties may only be produced in Grisons.

Besides cheese with holes and bittersweet chocolate, our renowned Bündnerfleisch is among Switzerland’s most famous export stars. The good reputation of Bündner dried meat specialties is not just attributable to the traditional processing methods, but especially also to the climate conditions in the Bündner Alps.

The first written mention of Bündnerfleisch goes back to the 17th century. The writer Johann Gottfried Ebel praised the special characteristics of the climate in a travel report: “The air is so dry that in towns stretching from Sils to St. Moritz, from October to March, all meat is not smoked, but air-dried.” (Ebel, 1793: Anleitung auf die nützlichste und genussvollste Art in der Schweitz zu reisen) Our Bündner specialties are still air-dried today, not smoked.

And still today, more than 200 years later, Bündner dried meat specialties are not smoked, but exclusively dried in the mountain air of Grisons. And because production is only possible in a very special region, our Natura Bündnerfleisch is protected with the IGP certificate. The IGP label guarantees that Natura Bündner Fleischtrocknerei specialties are produced solely in Canton Grisons at an altitude of 800 to 1,800 metres above sea level.