Welcome to the Grisons dried meat specialties production plant

In Tinizong we produce top-grade Bündner dried meat specialties according to traditional recipes in the heart of Canton Grisons. The special characteristics of the climate conditions there are reflected in the character and quality of the end product.

The product range includes the IGP label-certified products: Bündnerfleisch, Bündner raw bacon, Bündner coppa and raw bacon. Our dried meat specialties are salted deep in the mountains of Grisons, stored for three to five week and then hung up to air-dried in the fresh mountain air for several months.

The interplay of the select raw material, traditional recipes and expert processing is the basis of our exquisite dried meat.
Markus Gomer, General Manager of Natura Bündner Fleischtrocknerei

Time and patience for the ripening process are crucial factors in the production of our Bündner specialties, lending them their unmistakable flavour.

During the drying process, our meat loses nearly half its original weight, acquiring its aromatic flavour for which it is known far beyond the borders of Switzerland.